Where is Your Happy? Online vs. In-Store
Lunes 15 de Septiembre de 2014 15:05
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There are a lot of comparisons being made these days about online vs. in-store shopping and buying. Path-to-purchase research is revealing that a lot depends on so many different factors; it's not just a single "where and why do you like to shop?" question anymore. Paco speaks to this in a recent Chicago Tribune article, "Buying Online vs. in the Store". What constitutes a gratifying experience is no longer determined by whether or not we click "add to cart". Read article here.

Disruptive Innovation
Jueves 07 de Agosto de 2014 16:55
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The retail world is packed with wins and misses. Mobile technology offers no exceptions. With permission from The Robin Report, read Paco's latest article, "Touch Screens: Innovation or Distraction?" which examines how opportunities to enhance the customer experience can have the best intentions, but fall short of hitting their mark. Read article here.

Retail Survival Means Reinvention
Jueves 31 de Julio de 2014 16:59
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Cher did it. Madonna does it every decade. And so do the most successful retailers who have been around for more than a minute. It's "reinvention", and it can mean survival for retailers who embrace it. Paco contributes once more to The Robin Report, highlighting the most compelling reinventions he has seen around the world, giving us some great insight as to how and why they work. Read article here.

The Death Knell Still Sounding for our Malls
Jueves 19 de Junio de 2014 18:18
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The lifecycle of the American mall is still playing itself out, as we watch the once-bustling hubs either bow out of the race, or struggle to reinvent itself. Paco contributes to the conversation in The Guardian article here.

Wondering if the First Lady Gets Discounts
Jueves 05 de Junio de 2014 14:55
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Even our First Lady shops and buys on discount. Paco is quoted in a recent AP article running in the WSJ asking the question: Who pays for Mrs. Obama's clothing? Read article here.

Rude Staffers Boost Sales?
Miércoles 14 de Mayo de 2014 21:11
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Does getting a cold shoulder by an associate increase my likelihood of making a purchase? How about in a big-box store versus a high-end luxury boutique? Paco weighs-in on what we say we do, and what we really do, in response to a study soon to appear in the October 2014 edition of the Journal of Consumer Research titled "Should the Devil Sell Prada? Retail Rejection Increases Aspiring Consumers' Desire for the Brand." Read the article on the's Markets Pulse stream.

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