We’re live! In-store research in 2020

Here at Envirosell HQ we are thrilled to report that we have carefully resumed in-store research – in select parts of the country and world where it’s safe to do so. Over the past few months, we have successfully conducted field research in the US, UK, and China. While store traffic may still look fairly different, response rates and customer sentiment towards in-store research are consistent, if not better than before.

We have developed new field protocols to protect our teams, store staff, and customers alike -from PPE to enhanced sanitizing and breaks between activities, to broader changes to the way we conduct surveys. We are currently offering both interviewer (distanced) and self-administered (QR-based) surveying options.  

Good research is possible during COVID. More than ever, it’s important to know what your customer is experiencing and be prepared to adapt to their changing needs. We can help you do exactly that. Check out our services page or email services@envirosell.com to see how we can help you.