Retail in the Age of Covid-19
The current pandemic creates new challenges for stores. Consumers’ needs, priorities and expectations are changing. To help adjust to the impact, Envirosell is here to advise on how to create safer and better performing stores. Please reach out to us at
Remote Services We Are Using Today:
  • Advisory Services
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Concept Testing With Eye-Tracking
  • Online In-Depth Interviews
  • Shopper Diaries/ Mobile Ethnographies
  • Web-Along Qualitative Interviews
  • Web Surveys
  • Desk Research: Industry & Best in Class Retail Audit
Taking the pulse of the Essential Front Line:

We conducted a web survey with 1000 essential retail workers in stores now.

The goal was to gain an understanding of how stores have adapted during the COVID pandemic through the lens of store-level employees. By understanding the steps that stores have taken, and how employees have reacted to those responses, we hope to better prepare brands as they begin to reopen and adjust to the new normal.

Essential Findings from the Survey

  • The present situation has put pressure on employees working at the store level. Over 40% described themselves as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘anxious’.
  • Only 2/3 approved of how their stores have reacted to the pandemic
  • Of changes that stores have made, staff training had the greatest impact on employees ratings on keeping staff and customers safe.
See what the world of retail looks like in the age of Covid-19:
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