• Understanding Omni-Channel

    Omni-channel is all about the empowered user, online and in-store. The way people use their phone is different from the way they use their tablet. These differences point to either implications or opportunities for retailers and brands. Creativity and speed are leading. We identify opportunities for new apps, features, and service offerings to complete the omni-channel experience.

  • Understanding Path-to-Purchase

    From Millenials to Baby Boomers, lifestyles and trends are changing, affecting attitudes, beliefs, habits, and needs. We provide brand, creative, and merchandising teams with the knowledge they need to connect with their customers. We think of it as the meeting of art and science.

  • Category Optimization

    The in-store purchase decision comes down to the right attractors, messages, and form factors at the shelf itself. We observe real shoppers on real shopping missions in real shopping situations. We help clients optimize planograms, merchandising and package designs – the total experience – in many channels, and individual retail accounts.

  • Maximizing In-Store

    Getting attention and influencing shoppers in the store remains the goal for brands and retailers alike. We see and listen while shoppers experience the store. We measure and probe to find insights that improve results. Understanding in-store influences inspires creatives to design new and better retail experiences.

  • Signage Impact

    We as a culture spend billions on signage and almost nothing to understand whether or not it works. Optimizing signage for your audience requires a closer look and careful listening to really know which signs get the message across. Are you spending too much on the wrong signs? Are you happy with your ROI on signage?

  • eCommerce in Context

    Clicks record hits. They don’t record wins. Increasingly, eCommerce and app developers turn to the basics of human-centered research. Our holistic approach supplements clickstream data by putting it into the context of the shopper journey.